GOST Artists Profile: Marcia Cole - Encaustics and Painting


By Chaya Lakhiani

Marcia has always been an artist, both teaching and working in a wide variety of media. She holds many accolades for her art teaching over the years including an Art Travelship Award to France where she painted in the footsteps of Cezanne. During the past 18 months she has established a studio at Woodrock Studios in Gardiner, N.Y. Since then she's been on a roll with a solo show and work in 18 shows in the Hudson Valley. Her work with encaustic monotype was published in the book Authentic Visual Voices, by Catherine Nash, and last year the Middletown Art Society recognized her Encaustic Monotypes with an Award Of Excellence. This will be her second year as a member of The Gardiner Open Studio Tour, and she is delighted to announce that she has also joined Roost Studios in New Paltz, New York, where she will have a solo show running through August and September of this year.

“Mainly, I just love paint, all kinds of it! I’ve taught nearly every process to students from 3 to 73. I love seeing it, using brushes, pouring and printing with it, dragging paper and cloth through it, additive and subtractive processes, and the brainwork of harnessing it to express a concept that’s important to me.”

Marcia tends to work in series, exploring each media deeply and pushing her materials to achieve the desired effects. Currently, she is working with encaustic paint and watercolor, often incorporating gold and silver leaf into her works as well.


In this year’s GOST TOUR she is featuring her Chants series. These are distinctive in shape – some are in square format to be arranged - that is hung or stacked, according to the owner’s preference - and some are tall, narrow and intimate pieces. They are spiritually inspired celebrations of color and nuance that vibrate with their own sense of energy. The inspiration for this work came from Marcia’s own more spiritual explorations, and from the sound of a dear friend’s chanting. In reaction to the attention they have received, Marcia has made more Chants in sizes ranging from 24” to 48”. It is her desire to make these works varied and unique, so that they can lend their energy to any setting and any space.


“The colors are earthy, yet they resonate with a deep saturation that is very beautiful to behold. They remind me of buried treasures. Layer upon layer of richly textured civilizations, one builds on the other, creating a rhythm that is meditative. – Marcy Bernstein of Roost Studios

Visitors to the studio have commented:

“The tiny, detailed effects of the paint and trails of molten wax and gold and silver leaf catch the eye, begging you to slow down and linger.”

“They seem to resonate and enrich the space or setting in a personal way over time.” “They are like music for the eyes”.

For more information about the artist:

Marcia Cole
Woodrock Studios
Gardiner, N.Y.