Ulster Savings Bank Showcases #GOST Artists

GOST Artists kick off a series of events leading up to the Spring 2016 Gardiner Open Studio Tour at the end of April.

This event was the first of two group shows and openings for the GOSTartists this Spring as leadin's to the Spring 2016 GOST. The next show will be at The Bakery in New Paltz beginning April 15, 2016, with a Paint-Out/Opening tentatively planned for April 23rd. Stay tuned.

The Ulster Savings Bank Exhibition Opening was held this past Friday with many of the GOSTartists in attendance as well as other visitors, friends and bank customers. Ulster Savings  has been a long time GOST sponsor and supporter.

The show continues through May 12, 2016. Eighteen works are on display at the bank throughout the public spaces. Some highlights include a fabulous mural sized painting by Meadow, show below, which brings a dynamic sense of pizzazz to the otherwise drab bank conference room, an eye catching piece by Marilyn Perry that hangs behind the teller's counter, and wonderful print by internationally collected artist, Lady Pink, which is near the bank manager's desk.

As in all the prior shows, the diversity of the #GOSTartists group is easy to see in this show, but thanks to curation efforts by Lady Pink and Roger Smith, who hung the show, there is a sense of cohesiveness, and upbeat enthusiasm that the pieces all convey. The show's theme of "Creation" seems to have been taken to mean both the creation of art work and and "creation" as in, all the wild and wondrous energy of the world, which this selection of pieces seems to be channelling.

The show is open to the public during bank hours. Art is available for purchase. Simply contact the artist of your choice--their contact information is available in the Show Bio Book on the table in the Bank Conference Room, or you can also find contact information for individual artists on the group's website: www.GOSTartists.org.

Many thanks to Jared Cole and the staff of the Ulster Savings Bank for hosting the opening and supporting the GOSTartists and the Tour.

Finally, don't miss the upcoming Gardiner Open Studio Tour, Apr. 30 & May 1, 2016. More info on the website, or pickup a brochure at Ulster Savings and many other area locations.