Signs of Spring: GOST 2016

The banners are going up around town.  GOST Doors won't be far behind.

GOST sign at the NYS Thruway Exit in New Paltz, NY. Find our Artist Guide and Studio Tour Map Brochures in many local stores and online at

Gardiner NY is the home of the #GOSTartists and #GOSTdoors. Join the tour at the end of this month. April 30 & May 1, 2016.

Look for the #GOSTdoors to be on display this weekend in Gardiner and around the area after that. The GOSTdoors are artist painted doors placed in and around the local landscape, and they stand weirdly in the absence of anything that needs a door to enter. But the GOSTdoors allow you to enter the world of art without having to go to the museum, or a gallery. They are meant to be playful and fun and inviting.

Then at the end of April, "Go Behind the Doors," by taking the Gardiner Open Studio Tour. It's a free self-guided art studio tour of the studios of 22 artists in Gardiner. Though the tour used to be twice a year, it's now only one time per year, in the Spring. So don't miss your only chance this year to see what's happening here in the art studios of the GOSTartists.